Getting Ready for Summer!

by Maria

It’s been a really busy year for me and I’ve been reading a lot, but I haven’t found the time to blog as much as I would have liked. One of the new things I’ve been focusing on is starting my jewelry business.

My aunt has taught me a lot about how to work with wire and how to finish my projects professionally. It’s taken a lot of my extra time, but I’ve really enjoyed it.

I’m excited to continue making jewelry but I also want to get back to blogging about books regularly, so I entered a really awesome contest on the site My grandma is a teacher just for kids with Autism and my mom was checking out the site and showed me the contest and I decided to enter. Missy at is giving away a gift card for $100 at Amazon! I really hope that I win because I have a big list of books that I’d like to get, plus a few things for my jewelry business that I need (like a new set of tools…mine are just shot) Winning would really help out since summer is just a few weeks away and I’ll have more time to spend on blogging and crafting!

Check out the contest here:

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